A spot inspection at Waterloo Road puts all the staff and pupils on edge. In an already tense atmosphere, Davina and Jasmine fall out over Rob’s treatment of Bolton Smilie, while Philip threatens Melissa and Eddie’s happiness with more secrets about his mum’s past. When Rachel begs Melissa to tell Eddie the truth, Melissa tells her not to worry, everything is under control.

Meanwhile, Earl is trying to convince Maxine that they should have a baby, yearning for them to have what they never had from their own childhood – a stable home and proper family. When Steph hears this, she’s horrified, but Maxine is adamant she’s the only one who understands where Earl is coming from.

Things are looking good for the couple but the arrival of a mystery girl forces Maxine to question if she really knows Earl at all. But when she decides to confront Earl, events spiral out of control, resulting in tragedy for Maxine…