Could Howard throw in the towel?

Howard confidently assures Heston he can handle Jimmi and Daniel, who they are aware will both want to resign. Howard informs Jimmi he will not accept his resignation, unlike Daniel who has already resigned. Daniel offers his resignation next but Howard insists he values Daniel and what his clinic brings to the Mill, he’s accepting Jimmi’s resignation over his!

Howard brags of his managerial prowess to Heston; now both men feel valued and over the ‘resignation period’ they will both start to see how silly this all is and both decide to stay. Heston is furious; what if they find out Howard has played them and decide to leave?!

Meanwhile, tensions are still running high between Jimmi and Daniel. In the staffroom, Jimmi calls Daniel a whore and Daniel goads him to do something about it; hit him! Jimmi obliges but Daniel doesn’t fight back until Jimmi says he’s not fit to be a father; no wonder Zara left. As Daniel jumps on Jimmi, Howard separates the men, who soon realise they have been lied to. Both men are summoned to see Heston, who convinces them to stay… for now.

Alone in his office, Emma comforts Howard; he’s doing a great job and shouldn’t be disheartened. He claims he hasn’t even lined up a new nurse. Emma slyly suggests her son Chris; he’s newly qualified and keen.

Howard agrees to a short-term contract and tells Heston, pleased he has fixed something. Heston however is enraged; Emma’s son could be awful! Heston insists that from now on Howard runs every single decision he makes by him. Howard leaves, looking like he’s ready to throw in the towel.