Could Jack and Martha get back together?

Martha’s divorce papers come through, but she’s unsure she wants to go through with it. But when she tries to raise it with Jack, he whisks her off on a surprise boat trip. Martha has a great time, and is left more confused than ever about what to do about the divorce. Jack realises he still has feelings for Martha and is keen to give their marriage a second go. But will he share his feelings?

Disappointed in Drew for stealing from his mum, Belle makes him promise not to use the cheque he stole from Jazz. But Drew is still determined to get the car, and asks Ric to find him a job at the garage, but is unsuccessful. Later, Jazz upsets Drew so much when she offers to buy the car for him if he moves in with her, he resorts to using her cheque to buy the car anyway.

But when Jazz realises what he’s done, she loses patience with him, and tells him he must move in with her, or she’ll cancel the cheque and tell Leah and Dan what he’s done. With no choice, Drew reluctantly moves in with Jazz.

Also, Matilda’s efforts to bring Reuben and Cassie together fall flat when Reuben makes a pass at her.

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