Could Max let someone get away with murder?

A 17-year-old girl is found shot through the heart and the big question is: was it an accident – or murder?

It certainly doesn’t look like an accident… The body of the victim, Ashley Simmon, is found dumped in a warehouse. Until a few months ago, Ashley had been living in a children’s home. Her foster mother, Francis Baines, is devastated to learn that Ashley’s dead and has to tell the teenager’s younger brother, Tyler and friends, Kai Miller and Paige Farrelly.

DI Neil Manson and DS Max Carter talk to Tyler, Kai and Paige, who tell them Ashley was a good girl. How, then, did she end up shot dead? DC Grace Dasari has a lead: Elliot Johns was seen driving around the building where Ashley’s body was found. That leads Neil to a shocking discovery: Elliot lives with Ashley’s mother, Maxine!

Neil and Grace rush to talk to Maxine at her home and find her high on drugs in a flat that is covered in blood. So, now they know where Ashley was killed. But who did it – and why?

Neil might find it easier to find out if Max cared enough to help him. Max, however, has very low opinions of the kids from the children’s home. Will his lack of interest help someone get away with murder?