DS Armstrong interrogates Maxine, certain she’s responsible for Patrick’s death. When Maxine faints during questioning and goes to hospital, Tegan wonders if she might be pregnant. Meanwhile, Ryan tells DS Armstrong that he has a plan to get Warren Fox to open up.

Maxine confides in Adam and they do a pregnancy test – but would the father be Adam or Warren? Warren finds out that Maxine could be pregnant and confronts her, but he and Adam fight, prompting Warren to tell Adam that Maxine buried Patrick in the wall!

Later, Maxine decides to hand herself in – but she’s stunned when Armstrong tells her Patrick was murdered, he didn’t commit suicide. Armstrong shows Maxine a brooch that was found at Patrick’s woodland grave and asks her who else was involved…

*Point of View week: Each episode is set on the same day, but shows a different perspective from each suspect in Patrick’s murder case*