Could Paul be innocent?

Kate finds it hard to cope when Sophie decides she wants to wear the fairy wings she had as a very young child. Counsellor Dan suggests that it could be her way of coping with a bigger issue. Although Kate is reluctant to admit there’s a problem, Dan gives her a journal to write all her thoughts in. Rebecca later finds her quietly drawing more pictures, including one of Jill’s accident, with her as a witness. Could her testimony prove Paul’s innocence?

Steve is still furious that Miranda could accuse him of having an affair with Rebecca, and doesn’t want to discuss a possible reconciliation with her. Bridget leans on Declan for support, and so too, does Miranda. His unlikely advice to Miranda propels her to go to Steve and beg for one last chance.

Karl worries that Zeke is being insensitive about Sunny’s relationship issues with public displays of affection. He offers Zeke some advice, which is soundly rejected. However, when confronted with Sunny’s embarrassment, Zeke decides to try out Karl’s suggestion, and is pleased with the result. Zeke asks for more advice, delighting Karl. Sunny, who has promised Zeke she will tell her parents about him, baulks at the last minute, leaving him thinking that she has done as promised.

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