When Susan loses her eyesight, Karl guesses she is in the early stages of MS. Struggling to contain her emotions, a blind and frightened Susan prepares for an MRI scan as Karl reassures her that whatever happens, she will never have to go through it alone. An upset Libby and Rachel struggle with the realisation that Susan’s illness is far more serious than first thought. Concerned Libby fails to provide any reassurance to a frightened Zeke who ends up shutting himself off from the rest of the family. Still frustrated by her lack of physical improvement after the accident and also upset about Declan’s rejection, Bridget abandons her physiotherapy. A worried Steve and Miranda decide not to put too much pressure on her, but Riley has other ideas and demands to know why his little sister is giving up. Carmella bends over backwards to try to satisfy tricky potential new customer Patricia Scanlon, but nothing seems to work. But, when Marco helps out, Carmella is jealous when he manages to charm Patricia. VIDEO: Watch Neighbours highlights here