Dex rues his lack of progress in the dating department – and in the car department – and tries running his own ‘bullet chess’ as a way to generate some cash. This leads to a fortunate introduction to Lottie and it seems they may be two of a kind…

Meanwhile, Roo finally softens towards Harvey, admitting she could have been more understanding about his family situation. She tells him she wants to meet his daughter, Lottie, who reluctantly agrees to a picnic. All goes well, aside from Lottie’s issues with the water, until Harvey has to deliver Lottie back to Mel, when Roo gets a taste of the ex-wife’s spite. Lottie, however, resolves to change her attitude to her father.

Heath continues his play for Bianca, despite her resistance and, when he lets Liam in on his intentions, his rival is rattled enough to quit his job at Angelo’s. Liam confronts Bianca over Heath and she tries to reassure him she only wants to be with him, telling Liam she wants to leave it all behind.