Miles and Leah set off to find VJ in Brisbane. Miles reveals how hurt he is at the way she’s treated him since their miscarriage. He’s tried so hard but she keeps shutting him out. Suddenly Leah gets a call from her mum. VJ’s in Melbourne. The pair agree to continue their talk when Leah returns.

Liam has remembered that Brax and Charlie were behind the wheel of the car that hit him. But Bianca swears that Heath was driving… thereby revealing they spent the weekend together. Bianca sees Brax, who warns her to keep the lie going, or Charlie will end up in jail. Meanwhile, Liam demands he discontinue with his painkillers, since they seem to be messing with his memory. Bianca is torn.

Charlie is stressed so Brax takes her away to a secluded beach for the day. But reality soon bites and Charlie frets that their relationship can’t last. Brax suggests that once she resigns from the force, they can go public with their love.

Brax plants the stolen evidence at the house of a drug runner who is later caught. That means Brax, Charlie and Constable Watson are off the hook. When Charlie finds this out, she tells Brax she can’t live like this anymore.