Could Will kill Ash?

Anna becomes increasingly concerned about her son’s fascination with his new girlfriend, Ash. They go for a day-trip to the countryside and Will leads Ash to the top of a cliff and close to the edge, is history about to repeat itself as he decides whether to kill her too? As Ash looks out at the scenery, Will stands up behind her, plucking up the courage to commit his second murder.

Tony bumps into Ste and Sinead in the village and tries to encourage Sinead to come home, but her pride forces her to say no. Sinead is desperate for money and as the pressure mounts she decides to go back to her old ways and become an escort.

Elsewhere, John Paul makes a decision for Nancy when, back at the McQueen’s he finds herpassed out on the sofa – she won’t wake up. Meanwhile, Sienna throws her contraceptive pills down the toilet.

Also, Tony gets an interesting call from an old acquaintance.