Julia calls Lauren, an old friend of Sam, asking her to cover for Mrs Tembe while she’s away. Lauren is thrilled. Meanwhile, Zara finishes enjoying a night of over-indulgence with Daniel, drunk as a lord. The next morning, Zara is particularly hungover and Daniel enjoys teasing her.

Kevin can’t keep his eyes off Lauren and she succeeds in winning the rest of team over, none of them realising how two-faced she is. Zara reveals how great her night with Daniel was to Elaine and they share a girly giggle, but Zara has a flash of upset realising that this is all she and Daniel will ever have. She tells a confused Elaine to leave.

Later, Zara is shocked her hangover hasn’t gone and, at home, her cure of marmite on toast makes her feel even more sick. Daniel and Zara both realise what this could mean and Daniel goes to the shops for a pregnancy kit. When he gets home, though, Zara has found a kit but her face is unreadable…

Freya helps a homeless man who has been caught washing his feet in the staff toilets!