After landing a place at the New York Film School, Zoe’s thrown into turmoil when Will asks her to move into a new flat with him. Jessica advises Zoe to tell Will she loves him before taking her opportunity of a lifetime and going to New York, but Zoe knows she has a hard decision to make.

Warren organises a poker night at The Loft behind Clare’s back but is annoyed when Justin invites Rhys, Gilly and Darren to the game, although, by the end of the night, Rhys’ winnings take his mind off his love-life drought.

Meanwhile, Justin worries about being left in charge of The Loft while Warren’s away on a ‘business’ trip to Spain, but Warren reassures him that he has a plan in place to prevent Clare from taking over things. Later, Clare is furious to find she’s been locked out of The Loft with the Poker night in full swing.

Still determined to see each other, Josh and Amy double their efforts with Josh shinning up the drain pipe outside Amy’s room decked out in James Bond gear. But while Josh and Amy are getting passionate, Leah starts crying and they’re unfortunately interrupted by Mike Barnes.

*Screened on TV3, Monday April 30*