Countryfile 30th Anniversary – BBC1

Countryfile celebrates its 30th anniversary in Cumbria, and John Craven introduces a countdown of the most memorable moments from the past three decades

A 30th anniversary edition of the popular show, from the stunning Blea Tarn in the
Lake District.

Matt Baker, Tom Heap, Ellie Harrison and Steve Brown look back at their personal highlights, while veteran John Craven (pictured), who’s been part of the Countryfile team for 29 years, gets to see the ‘favourite John Craven moment’ as voted for by the viewers.

TV Times caught up with John to ask him what’s been his most memorable moment on
the show.


The Prince of Wales joins the Countryfile team for their 25th Anniversary edition

‘For just one week, the programme had a guest editor when the Prince of Wales reigned over us for Countryfile’s 25th anniversary in 2013.

‘A true countryman, he set the agenda 
for the show and met the team 
on his Highgrove estate for 
a string of informative, convivial conversations.

‘He told us he was 
at his happiest in the countryside, which was “an essential link with the magic of nature”,’ says John.

‘I’ve successfully delivered a calf when the farmer was elsewhere,’ John continues, ‘but I’ve also been at the wrong end of a cow when she evacuated over me and a vet.

‘The low point for me was when foot-and-mouth disease spread across the countryside in 2001. I’ll never forget the sight of those burning pyres of animals and the despair of farming families, who saw their life’s work go up 
in flames.’

TV Times rating: ****