The Countryfile team head north of the border to the magnificent Balmoral in 
the second of the royal specials.

It’s not difficult to see why the Queen and Royal Family love the 50,000-acre estate so much: the views of wild rugged moorland, lochs and mountains are astonishing.

It’s also where the Queen can express her love of native breeds including Highland cows, ponies and deer.

Countryfile royal special shows Matt Baker with housekeeper

Matt Baker with housekeeper Sheena Stewart in front of the BBQ designed by The Duke of Edinburgh

While Matt Baker, Ellie Harrison and Adam Henson explore Balmoral and the countryside around it, Anita Rani is in the Hebrides to retrace the Queen’s footsteps to some of the tiny wild and beautiful islands that she loves 
to explore.

TV Times rating: ****