It’s Christmas Day in Chester and after declaring his love for Courtney in a letter, Jesse is downcast when he still hasn’t heard from her.

However it’s not long before news arrives that Courtney has gone into labour! He rushes to the hospital to tell her how he feels face to face. Will Courtney’s birth go to plan? And could there be a happy new future for her and Jesse?

Elsewhere Damon and Brody are hosting a Christmas fancy dress party at The Dog and Damon is hoping to get closer to Holly. Will his dreams come true? And what will happen when he later arranges a date with Holly? Could sinister Armstrong get to Holly first?

Meanwhile Cleo is desperate to make up with Brody after using him to make Lisa jealous but Brody’s not impressed when she tries to explain herself.

Later on Cleo meets Maggie in town and is shocked when Maggie reveals she’s got cancer. But Cleo has got more to think about when the penny drops that Maggie is Damon’s mum and he has no idea she’s ill!