Susan and Dipi are both livid as Karl and Shane keep making appointments with Courtney but refuse to say exactly what their appointment consists of. Dipi and Susan ask Courtney about her appointments but she also refuses to say a word. Tired and frustrated by the secrecy, the ladies take drastic action to find out the truth…

Paul is convinced his plan to frame Gary is foolproof, but he’s unaware that Gary already has it figured out. Gary tells Terese about Paul’s plan and is confused about why Paul is out to get him. Terese knows exactly why – Paul wants to hurt her because she has chosen to be with Gary after their night of passion. Terese confronts Paul who doesn’t deny his actions. Disgusted by this, Terese makes it clear she’ll never be with him. Hurt by the woman he loves, Paul reaches out to his daughter Amy but she’s not interested. Shunned by both the women he loves, has Paul pushed Terese and Amy too far?

Also, Hamish clashes with Piper over making an income from her vlog. While the argument is relatively minor, he starts to worry it may impact the progress he has made with Tyler. He turns to Sheila and the pair end up flirting. Sheila also advises him on how to make amends with Piper. Later, we see Hamish kissing a woman called Louise and the pair discuss that they are ‘running out of time’ to make their plan work.