Zachariah Bartholomew Dingle leads the Dingle clan in mourning the loss of his brother, Shadrach – father of Chas and Gennie, grandfather of Aaron, uncle of Cain, Sam, Marlon and Belle (among many, many others now dead or departed) and pain in the backside to all who knew him, including the few who had hearts big enough to love him.

Furious with Shadrach for getting Lisa jailed, the thaw in Zak’s frosty relationship with his brother had just started when the silly old sod went fishing for the beer cans he’d dropped in the river and drowned. Life in Emmerdale won’t be the same without him – although the remaining Dingles are sure to keep the crime rate up and The Woolpack busy. Here’s to Shadders… RIP you old reprobate.

It’s RIP for Viv and Bob’s marriage, too, though it breaks their hearts to admit it. Viv tells Bob she thinks they should try again but, as they talk things through, they realise there’s nothing left between them except the children. Someone should open a Heartbreak Hotel for the failed relationships in the village – business would be booming!

There’s a distinct lack of business for Leyla, though, when she opens the doors of her new shop.

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