In the woods, locals Jimmy and Shane find a deer carcass on the bonnet of their truck and the word ‘Psycho’ written in blood on the windshield. Also in the woods, the Reverend Frain, who will conduct the wedding ceremony, gets caught in a rope trap and decapitated.

At the island’s bar, The Cannery, Abby is with Cal, Lucy and Richard, where she meets Kelly – a local whose mother was also killed by Wakefield. Feeling sorry for her, Abby offers Kelly to stay with her in LA. Excited by the news, Kelly goes off to celebrate with Henry’s brooding brother JD.

During a scavenger hunt, Cal gets caught in a rope trap and is found hanging upside down by Sully – who goes to get help, but forgets about him.

At the Candlewick Inn, Henry finds a deer’s head in his and JD’s room and assumes Shane is responsible because JD tried hitting on Kelly. Henry retaliates by punching Shane at a beach party.

Meanwhile, Nikki arrives at Kelly’s house and finds her hanging from the rafters.

Back at the beach, Sully, Chloe, Abby and Henry find Cal alive – but still hanging upside down – while Lucy goes off looking for her missing dog, Gigi. After falling into a pit, someone pours fuel on Lucy’s head and strikes a match. Crackle!