Craig gets a shock!

John-Paul is still angry about what could have happened between him and Spike if Hannah hadn’t wrecked their date. Later, Craig tries to build bridges with John-Paul by inviting him to the DJ competition at The Dog – where he’ll be up against Spike. As the competition gets going, John-Paul and Spike can’t take their eyes off each other, Hannah can’t hide her feelings for John-Paul, and Craig ends up getting a shock.

Nancy is stressed-out having to cope with baby Charlie and her revision, so jumps at the chance to go to the DJ night at The Dog. But when Jake is offered another pub shift, Nancy is once more left to spend another night juggling babies and books.

Carmel tries to overcome her growing feelings for Aleksander by spending all her time at church. Trouble is, she’s there so often, Jacqui is convinced she fancies Father Raymond. Oblivious to Carmel’s feelings for Aleksander, Jacqui encourages her to try speed-dating. But when Jacqui accuses Aleksander of stealing her money, Carmel finds it hard to fight her feelings…

Still stuck in charity work hell, Steph promises Elliot she’ll help his University Rocket Society, but lets him down again when she instead attends a photo opportunity at a local hospital.

*Screened on TV3, Friday May 11*