Craig is collared!

Ian is terrified when he hears Lucy’s message. Meanwhile, at the B&B, Lucy hides her fear from Craig when she sees that he has a gun. Lucy talks Craig into going back to Albert Square under the pretence of staging a raid on Ian’s businesses. Lucy manages to run back home and she tells Ian and the police that Craig was Patrick’s attacker. Craig is arrested, but Lucy is stunned when she discovers Craig’s gun in her bag.

Deano and Chelsea are called into the police station to confirm their statements. Denise is in disbelief, while Kevin wonders who grassed them up. Kevin and Denise can only look on helplessly as their children are taken away, while Carly slips away from the Square.

Phil has been out all night, but he finally stumbles into the Vic with a nightmare of a hangover and looking like he’s been roughed up. Phil sleeps it off but he is in a rage when he wakes up and a frightened Roxy tries to knock him out with a bottle. A stunned Phil starts raving about Stella, as a terrified Ben watches on.

Also, Bradley saves one of the new baby guinea pigs.

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