Craig may have to come clean to Sarah

Desperate not to be outed, Craig tells John-Paul that they must keep their relationship a secret – Sarah would be devastated if she ever found out. John-Paul agrees to talk to Spike, but wonders if Craig knows how much the situation is hurting him. Spike reassures John-Paul he won’t blab, but warns him Craig does not really love him.

Elsewhere, Craig remains unconvinced Spike will keep his secret and the lads end up exchanging some harsh words. Unfortunately Sarah overhears the row, and wonders what is going on, leaving Craig having to explain himself to an upset and suspicious Sarah.

Feeling emotional following Alekander’s departure, Carmel confronts Jacqui in Il Gnosh, accusing her sister of being selfish and untruthful. When even Myra has a go at her, Jacqui is left feeling helpless and alone. However, Carmel can’t forgive her sister for breaking her heart, leaving Jacqui with no choice but to walk away.

The appearance of Mrs Hayton has left things awkward between Jake and Nancy, who have avoided telling her about their relationship. However, the pair get back on track when Jake defends Nancy to her mum, although they’re still worried about what she’ll say when she finds out the truth.

*Screened on TV3, Friday September 14*