Myra summons the whole family to hold a remembrance for Kieron. But John Paul is mortified to arrive home and see the McQueens have laid on a tacky looking memorial service. Mercedes takes him to Kieron’s grave so that he can grieve alone.

Later, Craig makes his feelings towards John Paul clear, but in the wake of Kieron’s death, John Paul tells him he blew his chance and that it’s time to move on. Craig reluctantly says goodbye, but as Craig walks away, John Paul finds a one way ticket to Dublin from Craig in his jacket pocket.

Warren and Mandy wake up in The Loft following their illicit night of passion. Feeling awkward, Mandy makes her excuses and leaves. Warren hurries home, hoping to sneak into bed before Louise notices he wasn’t there, but panics when he finds her bed empty.

He and Mandy search for Louise who walks in the door hungover. It seems Louise was so drunk that she can’t remember anything. Warren denies she was in bed that night and soon gets her to admit that she spent the night asleep in a skip.

Also, Lauren and Sasha come to terms with the fact that Danny and Val have left them.

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