Craig prepares to ditch Sarah

As Craig informs John-Paul he intends to dump Sarah, she arrives at The Dog with tickets to a fashion show that evening. Craig rudely refuses to go, and prepares to dump her. But things don’t quite go to plan.

Myra and Carmel are less than enthusiastic at Jacqui’s plan to move in with Tony, fearing her departure from the McQueen’s could lead to Aleksander being deported back to Albania. Although she’s certain she’s doing the right thing, Jacqui doesn’t tell her family she’s carrying Tony’s baby.

However, just as Jacqui and Tony are settling down to a meal together, they’re interrupted by Myra and Aleksander, with Myra declaring that if Tony wants Jacqui to move in, he should accept her husband into his home as well.

Tony agrees to Josh’s request for The Baby Diegos to play the live music night at Il Gnosh, as long as he judges them good enough. Excited, Josh visits Amy and the pair write a new song together.

Shocked at Elliot’s confession that his mum is making him marry someone he doesn’t love, Steph hatches a plan to get him out of the marriage, by returning to Wales with Elliot and pretending to be his new girlfriend.

*Screened on TV3, Thursday August 16*