Craig reveals he saw Karl on the night of the fire!

Beth’s upset thinking that Craig’s turmoil is over his absentee father and explains his dad was an alcoholic and ran away the moment he found out she was pregnant. Feeling guilty about lying to his mum Craig rushes off. It’s Karl who finds him crying in the backyard of the Rovers, but when he asks him what’s wrong Karl’s floored by his response – he burnt down the pub when he threw away a cigarette that night because he saw Karl coming out!

Tina’s determined to move on with her life and insists the first step is to see Jake. She knows it will be tough, but she needs to do it. After some debate, Gary and Izzy agree to let her see Jake.

In the cold light of day, Sally’s not sure she made the right move last night. However, Sally’s torn when Tim reveals he’s leaving for Newcastle later.

Also, as they reopen the Bistro Leanne thanks David for his support, telling a comatose Nick how grateful he’ll be for everything David’s done for him. Feeling wretched David struggles with the irony.