John-Paul assumes Craig’s cool attitude towards him means that he’s chosen him over Sarah and assures Craig he doesn’t need to rush into coming out. But Craig confidently reveals he’s definitely not gay, but still wouldn’t mind enjoying sex with John-Paul occasionally. Later, Craig convinces Sarah to take him back and they kiss and make-up, leaving John-Paul heartbroken.

Rhys walks in on Noel with his arm around Suzanne and jumps to the conclusion that Noel is coming onto his mum. Furious at Rhys’ accusations, Noel lunges at him, but Neville comes to Rhys’ rescue. However, in the heat of the moment, Noel shocks everyone by revealing that Rhys is actually his son.

Crushed when Russ stays out all night, Mercedes confides her fears to John-Paul that she’s lost him forever. Later, as she arrives for her shift at The Dog, she’s gutted to see Dannii and Russ deep in conversation, and refuses Russ’ offer to join them.

But he insists, and ends up berating tearful Mercedes for her rude behaviour towards Dannii, before reassuring her that she’s the only girl for him. Mercedes is relieved, but Dannii is secretly heartbroken that she’s lost Russ forever.

*Screened on TV3, Friday July 6*