Although Darren and Jack insist that moving to Spain is their only option, Frankie refuses to go anywhere without Newt. With no other solution, Frankie decides to adopt him. Newt is thrilled with the news but his happiness is over-shadowed by Craig’s return.

Wanting to spend time with his mum, Craig is bewildered when he’s ushered out of The Dog to stop him finding Jack. Meanwhile, Steph arrives at the flat and is stunned to find Jack alive. Under the stress of discovery, Jack suffers an angina attack, but can an ambulance be called for someone who’s supposed to be dead?

Kieron’s wedding plans are all moving too fast for John Paul who ends up calling things off. Later, John Paul is contemplating his future when Craig turns up. Realising John Paul is unhappy, Craig asks if he loves Kieron. As John Paul maintains he does, he and Craig share a loving hug, which is witnessed by an angry Kieron.

As Niall tells Steph they can be a happy couple together, they are interrupted by a call from the school needing Tom to be collected. Knowing Cindy never picked Tom up, Steph leaves Niall behind and lays into Cindy who makes it clear that she thinks Steph is dating Max’s murderer.

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