Craig’s in a mess

Heartbroken after being dumped by Sarah, Craig makes John-Paul promise to keep quiet about their relationship. Meanwhile, Sarah is at a model casting session, but is too distracted by last night’s events and tearfully leaves to speak to Craig. During their heart to heart, Sarah and Craig realise they love each other and need to be together. Craig is worried about what to tell John-Paul, so he convinces Sarah to jet off on a last-minute holiday.

Michaela arrives to help Amy prepare for her birthday bash that evening, and the festivities go off with a bang, with the Baby Diegos playing a set and Michaela flirting with Fletch. However, the party comes to an abrupt end when Mike and Kathy unexpectedly return home and catch Amy and Josh together. Kathy tries to take baby Leah out of Amy’s room, but an angry Amy stops her, saying that Leah is her daughter, leaving Josh stunned.

Elliot teaches Steph Welsh so she can win over his mum when they visit, and she makes good progress. However, Elliot isn’t exactly thrilled with her choice of outfit and Steph is mortified when he tells her she looks like a prostitute.

*Screened on TV3, Friday August 17*