Craig’s secret is out!

Sarah’s engagement party ends in carnage when she finds Craig upstairs in bed with John-Paul. Distraught, Sarah has to be restrained from hitting Craig in fury. No one believes Craig when he denies having a gay relationship after John-Paul admits to it in front of the party guests.

Furious Frankie turns on John-Paul for corrupting Craig while Mercedes quits her job to support her brother. Later, when John-Paul bumps into Craig outside the pub, Craig takes out all his anger and frustration on him. Will Craig end up alone?

After warring Warren and Justin call a truce for Katy’s sake, her birthday celebration moves on to The Loft where a morose Clare turns down Warren’s offer to buy The Loft. Warren retaliates by threatening Clare, sinisterly talking about pushing people off balconies. Despite feeling shaken, Clare pulls herself together, and reminds Justin she’s prepared to tell Warren that he lied about not going to court to support him.

Although Mercedes is flattered and amused by Danny’s charms, she warns him he’s batting outside his league. But Danny is undeterred and Mercedes’ resolve starts to crumble as he showers her with compliments.