Thinking Priya has had a termination, David is a broken man. He’s desperate to be a father and with Alicia unable to have kids, he saw this as his only chance. As he confronts his ex about the abortion, Priya’s in no mood for his hysterics and sends him packing.

Having decided she’s going to run off with Kyle, Amy’s desperately putting her plans into place. First off, she convinces Val and Pollard she’s accepted that she’ll never get custody of her son before gathering her loved ones together to thank them for supporting her through such a difficult time. What the family don’t realise is that this is her way of saying goodbye. As Andy asks Amy to move in with him, her heart breaks as she struggles to keep up the act. But one person isn’t fooled – and that’s Kerry…

There’s bad news for broody Ruby, who learns she’s not got pregnant this time round.