Crime doesn’t pay!

Katherine holds a house party to celebrate setting up home with Mike. And to the surprise of all the neighbours, she invites Mike’s ex, Susan, along. Although the pair insist there’s no jealousy going on between them, Katherine soon wishes Susan would just go away as the two women get into a huge argument over a painting that Susan once gave to Mike. Thankfully, after some heated exchanges, it all resolves itself when Susan relents and comes to collect her painting from over the mantelpiece.

While out shopping, Dave and Edie bump into a priest who’d known Dave from days gone by, and Edie becomes suspicious after ear-wigging their conversation. Later, she tracks down the priest again and hears secrets from Dave’s past, including his real name, David Dash. Is she about to go on a Miss Marple-like investigation, and where will it lead her?

There’s a going-out-of-business sale at Scavo’s Pizzeria to pay off Tom and Lynette’s debts. It allows Lynette to pay Bree back her $20K and the two women finally make-up. Bree then cooks up a plan to get Tom a new job with her publisher, but her dinner party to seal the deal doesn’t go as she, or the Scavos, expected.

It ends with a heated competition between Tom and Lynette to impress the picky publisher and both say things they regret. Bree has other worries, too. Orson’s compulsion to steal is getting out of hand, and she’s horrified when she spots her husband nicking her publisher’s dictaphone. Serious words are exchanged as she fears for her reputation should this ever get out.

Gaby confronts the lover of Carlos’s boss at the hairdressers where she works and gives ‘the slut’ a piece of her mind. Bradley’s furious with Gaby when he finds out, but later decides it might be best to come clean and admit his affair to his wife. Gaby and Carlos get a huge shock when they pop round to Bradley’s house after a frantic call from his wife, and find him in a pool of blood with a knife stuck in his back…