*First episode*

Donna knows she doesn’t have long to live, so she’s desperate to gather as much cash as she can to leave April financially secure. With this in mind, Donna agrees to help Ross plan a raid on a jeweller’s shop. Later, when Donna visits Ross to give him some insider information to help pull off the robbery, but he has other things on his mind as he pulls her in for a passionate embrace.

Priya is still turning over the idea of having an arranged marriage, but her dad Rishi isn’t keen on the idea. When Leyla overhears what Priya is planning, she tries to put her off the idea, while Rishi thinks that Priya’s thinking about arranged marriages because she’s finding it hard as a single mum so he hires a nanny in the hope that she will decide against marrying a man she hardly knows!  But when Priya finds out what Rishi’s done, she’s furious and asks him to help her find a husband…

Andy is in Bernice’s bad books so he tries to make amends by taking her some flowers, but when they don’t work he tells her that he’s not leaving until she agrees to give him another chance. Feigning a smile, Bernice says he’s forgiven, and he accepts her offer of a massage unaware that he’s being lulled him into a false sense of security… Bernice has just lured him into the treatment room so she can take her revenge by waxing his legs!