Death row convict Kevin Costner has the memories of a dead CIA agent (Ryan Reynolds) uploaded to his brain in a bid to thwart a terrorist plot.

It goes without saying that the operation to transfer the DNA of Reynolds’ spy into the semi-vacant brain of Costner’s grizzled, unfeeling sociopath does not go entirely to plan.

Sure enough, Costner is soon on the run, pausing now and then to yowl ‘They messed with my brain!’ and beat up the occasional bystander.

However, with another man’s memories jostling inside his head, he is not entirely the person he was before and, drawn to Reynolds’ grieving widow (Gal Gadot) and daughter (Lara DeCaro), he feels the first stirrings of empathy and conscience.

This thriller could hardly be more ludicrous, yet the admirably straight-faced Costner somehow keeps the high-concept, low-brow plot on track all the way to the far-fetched finale.