Chrissie’s revision for the Nurse Practitioner assessment isn’t going as planned: it’s not easy when you have a baby, a man and a job but she’s keen to prove herself.

Malick gets her a slot in theatre but, in an effort to keep boyfriend Dan happy, she misses it to spend time with him and, with that, loses the opportunity to learn the procedure she so desperately needs.

Realising she’s let herself and Malick down, Chrissie knows she must set some ground rules with Dan if she’s going to have any chance at passing her exams.

Meanwhile, Hanssen pushes Sahira to get behind the Cardiac Trauma Unit in an effort to save the department. After a visit from Sir Fraser, Hanssen is forced to make some ruthless decisions the hospital’s future.

And when Sacha hears that Chantelle is no longer required he offers to be the one to tell her. But he soon realises that breaking the news to little Miss Sunshine might not be as easy as he thought.