Jordan wakens from his brain surgery alive but confused. But he’s still certain of one thing – he doesn’t want to live. He begins stashing away his prescription medicine although his tumour has been downgraded and his prognosis has improved dramatically. Meanwhile, Frances suspects that Zoe has forged Jordan’s signature…

Ruth shifts her romance with Jay up a gear and gives him the spare keys to her flat. But they go into relationship reverse when she refuses to walk into work with him. Angry and confused, he gives her a choice – either they’re openly a couple or he’s calling time on their relationship.

Ruth’s offered a permanent surgical training post but fails to impress Sarah Evans with her cold and clinical bedside manner. Later, however, she bonds with her patient and manages to convince Sarah she’s suitable for the surgical position.

In a celebratory mood Ruth responds to Jay’s earlier ultimatum by planting a big smacker on him in front of the rest of the department.

Frances confronts Zoe, causing the maverick doctor to tell Jordan the truth. He tells her he’s already figured it out and furiously demands she leaves him alone. Forever.

Ruth’s happiness is short-lived when she realises she might be pregnant.