Crowds gather for Carly’s funeral

It’s the day of murdered teen Carly Samuels’ funeral and Sun Hill are told that a gun linked to her murder has been found in a canal. As the hearse drives slowly through the Jasmine Allen estate, the gathered crowds chant ‘murderer’ at key suspect Tito Morientes. Then, a gunshot rings out and the glass on the hearse explodes.

The officers manage to restore calm and Carly’s funeral goes ahead as planned. As Carly’s mum Leanne speaks fondly about her beloved daughter, her words appear to have an effect on Carly’s friend Alisha Danniels – and Tito’s alibi. Later, the team are shocked to find that Alisha’s prints are all over the gun used at the memorial.

After further investigation, Sergeant Smithy tells Leanne that a footprint found by the canal where the gun was hidden belongs to Carly’s ex-boyfriend and father of their daughter, Dwayne. Meanwhile, back at the station, Alisha finally breaks down and reveals who actually killed her best friend…

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