All aboard with Jane for some island-hopping in Greece for her latest series of Channel 5’s Cruising with Jane McDonald

Another day, another cruise for the Wakefield wanderer!

This time Jane is island-hopping around Greece.

In blistering mid-July heat Jane finds a unique way to see the sights of Athens and stay cool – a guided Segway tour!

Jane then swaps sightseeing for partying on the lively island of Mykonos. After a night on the tiles, she escapes to the peace of Milos for a quick stop before spending two days on the beautiful but busy isle of Santorini.

Cruising with Jane McDonald

Jane on Sarakinio Beach in Milos

Here she watches the sun go down, cooks octopus and then heads back on board for some dancing.

After a 
visit to Crete, Jane’s final destination is stunning Samos, leaving just enough time to belt out a Mamma Mia!-inspired song (naturally!).

TV Times rating: ****