April has to write a speech for her Dux of the School award ceremony. The pressure of writing it combines with her guilt and the effects of the drugs and April breaks down, confessing all to Ruby. After seeing a wired April, Heath tells Bianca what’s going on. At the school assembly, April passes out during her speech.

Benji, another River Boy, turns up on Brax’s doorstep after doing time. He wants to get back into business. Brax instead offers him a job as a delivery driver for Angelo’s, but he turns it down. Meanwhile, Charlie investigates an armed robbery at a service station, and when she learns that the assailant had a tattoo across his lower back, she questions Brax.

Later Brax runs into Benji and another River Boy, Sam, flaunting cash. Then, Brax clocks Benji’s tattoo and joins the dots. As Charlie examines security footage from the robbery, she finds another clue… a discarded apple core.

Stu defends himself when Sid accuses him of stealing the prescription pad. He shows Sid his own ADHD prescription. Sid apologises and his suspicions now fall solely on Sasha. At the assembly, Sid gives Sasha one last chance to admit her guilt but Stu defends her. Sasha’s even more besotted.