Cunning Cain decides to frame Chrissie

It’s time for Cain to roll out his plan to save Aaron and Chas. And it’s a doozy! Up at Home Farm, there’s a party going on to celebrate Bernice and Lawrence’s engagement. Cain sneaks into the house, nips upstairs on a mission to get a pair of Chrissie’s scissors. Then, in front of all the guests, he kicks off at Chrissie and reels off a roll call of the suspects who could have shot Robert. Has flustered Chrissie got something to hide?

That done, Cain heads to the scrapyard where he asks Adam for help. He’s going to kill Robert Sugden – and frame Chrissie.

Bernice’s engagement news doesn’t go down well with Diane who later tells her daughter she wants nothing to do with the White family. Will Bernice think again?

In the Woolie, poor Sandy gets stuck in the loos for an age. He’s too stubborn to have asked for help – but will Ashley decide to take action on his dad’s behalf? Emma tries to convince Finn she didn’t trash the pub.