A new Sky One drama follows a group of amateur drivers who gather to compete in an illegal night-time street race as they flee the totalitarian government curfew

This thrilling mix of horror, humour and wheel-spinning action stars Billy Zane, Sean Bean and Miranda Richardson as rival drivers in an illegal night-time road race.

In the near future, nocturnal man-eating monsters roam the world and, as a result, there is a curfew.

However, the winners of the race get to live on a monster-free island.

The series follows the wacky racers, whose backstories unfold in flashback, starting with ambulance driver Kaye (Phoebe Fox) and the family of geeky civil servant Simon (Adrian Lester), who plan to compete in their Volvo estate!

TV Times rating: ***

Curfew: Sean Bean as The General

Sean Bean as The General

Stars Sean Bean, 59, and Billy Zane, 52, who play racers The General and Joker Jones, take a pit stop to tell us more…

How would you describe your characters?

Sean: The General enters the race because he wants a fresh start with his pregnant girlfriend, Faith [Rose Williams]. But he has these strange mood swings, so it’s a bit like dealing with 
a caged tiger!

Billy: Joker – formerly Doctor – Jones is a psychiatrist who was treating patients prior 
to the curfew. He’s not in the race to win. He a sort of Zen cowboy, and continues to offer forms of therapy on the road…

What did you think of the vehicles you get to drive?

Sean: The General’s Jaguar XJS is a muscular machine –
you can really throw it around. I did some stunt driving – 
but I had great instructors, 
so I was in safe hands!

Billy: My vehicle is all about the cocktail bar in the back!

What appealed to you most about this series?

Sean: It’s different, but also relevant to what’s happening today – things are getting quite militarised in America. And I find dystopian tales fascinating.

Billy: I had a conversation with the creators, who said, ‘We fashioned the Joker around elements of previous roles you’ve played, having no idea whether we could get you!’ So it was kind of a dream role.