Curtis faces his brother’s killer

Curtis is shocked when old friend Richie ends up in casualty after being stabbed by Tony, the man who killed his brother. Alice and Curtis end up at loggerheads when Curtis refuses to tell the police what he knows. But when Curtis is later confronted by Tony, he has a dramatic change of heart and decides to confesses everything. The police arrest Tony – but Curtis and his pals fear he’ll be back to get them.

Zoe takes further steps to foster Sharice but is finding it difficult to communicate with the young girl following the death of her mum, Abby. Zoe confides in Jessica, who later visits Sharice and tells her stories about her own children to try and encourage Sharice to open up to Zoe about her mother. Zoe and Sharice finally manage to connect and attend Abby’s poignant funeral together.

When Alex confides to Nick Jordan that he’s going into a care home and that Adam is still struggling to come to terms with his worsening condition, Jordan approaches Adam to try and encourage him to face up to his brother’s illness, but Adam dismisses him.

Also, Jordan helps Adam treat a girl who’s in a bad way after taking Ecstasy; and Jay tends to a homeless woman and ends up being duped.