Julia is aglow and looking forward to her weekend away with Martin. When she runs into Barry at The Campus she comments that the business with Heston is dreadful; Barry is far from sympathetic saying he’s witnessed Heston’s violence first hand. Julia believes Barry is punishing her for turning him down; he ominously says he will let the jury decide.

Mrs Tembe is concerned that Heston is resigning himself to his fate – determined to help she goes to see Curtis at St Phil’s to persuade him to retract his statement against Heston. Curtis is furious and aggressive; he thinks Heston is a maniac. He threatens Mrs Tembe to leave him alone.

Mrs Tembe is on edge at The Mill, made worse by the arrival of Rob and news that Curtis has made a complaint. She promises not to interfere again when he warns her it could jeopardise Heston’s case.

Also, when Karen meets a vulnerable student her inclination to play Good Samaritan unwittingly puts Jack at risk from a femme fatale.