There’s a shock this week for the Nonnatus community, when there’s a desperate tragedy for the Kelly family.

Under unexplained circumstances, their new-born son sadly and unexpectedly dies. It also spells disaster for Cynthia, who had helped at the birth.

She suddenly finds herself involved with the police, as they immediately put her in the spotlight and start questioning her about what happened. However, Cynthia also finds that the other pregnant women of Poplar are putting her under scrutiny, questioning her capabilities as a midwife.

Cynthia’s friends and colleagues rally around her, and reassure her that she will be OK. However, it doesn’t take long before Cynthia is doubting and doubting how good she is at her job. But her health and work also suffer, as she starts to struggle with the pressure.

Meanwhile, Chummy is thoroughly enjoying married life with PC Noakes. However, her decision to pursue her dream brings about a different sort of pressure as exciting changes lie ahead for the couple.