Jack gets hot and bothered when Darcy attempts to seduce him!

Darcy tries her seduction technique on Jack but is interrupted by Tom!

A flustered Jack gets into a lather when scheming Darcy  strips down to her crimson-coloured lingerie and attempts to seduce him.  However the manipulative madam’s ruse is ruined when Tom suddenly interrupts proceedings. Awkward!

Elsewhere, Damon is furious when he finds Scott and his mum Maggie at the police station but when Maggie begs him to see how important this Bucket List is to her, Damon has a change of heart and it’s not long before he finds himself getting dressed up in drag to please her!

Finally, Nancy is heart-broken that Darren has deceived her yet again and tells him in no uncertain terms  that their marriage is over….and this time, it’s for good.