So Rebecca’s had the love child which has caused so many problems for Robert. He’s lost the love of his life, Aaron, as a result of the pregnancy and has reverted to his bad boy ways to try to carve a place for himself in Emmerdale. But, with the Whites now linked to him by blood can Robert really carry on trying to secretly bleed the family dry and oust them from Home Farm?

As Robert acknowledges he’s now a man with real responsibility, parenthood pushes him to make a shock decision about what he’s going to do next…

When Bernice’s client Mrs Dumphreys died in the salon, Nicola made a discovery as she was raking through the old lady’s bag – her winning betting slip! Can Nicola persuade her sister to cash it in?

His romance with Faith is on the rocks yet Pollard doesn’t seem to keen to do anything about it. Why is the ladies-man being so lacklustre?