Looks like Cain has gained a son, but lost a daughter… Zak has warned him to tell Debbie about the baby, but Cain’s in no hurry to reveal the unpleasant truth – that the mixed-up teenager he got pregnant and then tried to bully into having an abortion has had his baby. So Zak tells her. Well, she has a right to know that the baby everyone is talking about is her half-brother. Debbie’s shocked – and there’s more. Charity tells her how Cain has been menacing Jai’s family. Horrified, Debbie tells Cain she wants him gone – and will throw him out herself if she has to.

Val wants Amy’s baby in her home, in her life but, most of all, in Amy’s life. Don’t let Cain get in the way of family happiness, Val tells Amy. But Pollard thinks Val is being far too optimistic.

Hazel thinks Cain’s show of defiance in the village is just an act. When she finds out the baby she saved is his she’s furious and gives him a piece of her mind: he acts like he doesn’t care but, Hazel says, she can see he’s a very unhappy man. Ouch! Those words really hit a nerve!