Daisha goes missing

Daisha has gone missing. Mark is frantic and contacts the police but as they focus inquiries on him, he begins to fear the worst. Rachel calls Daisha’s mother and accidentally lets slip about baby Joe. Then a woman’s body is found in the river and Mark goes to identify the body. Could Daisha have done something terrible?

Meanwhile Faye returns to work and tells Joseph their relationship is finished. Elliot tries to get Joseph and Faye back together. Faye tells Joseph its Archie’s christening next week and she wants him to be there.

Michael is still getting used to working with his wife Annalese. When she suggests a new way of working on the wards he is unconvinced but presents it to Ric anyway. Ric is impressed and Michael realises Annalese might cramp his style at Holby. Eventually Mark finds her but Daisha is having second thoughts about the adoption.