Kevin lies to Daisy on the phone about how busy he is, but as he walks into reception he’s shocked to see her waiting for him. Jimmi and Daniel watch with jealous interest and are amazed to hear that Kevin is trying to get rid of Daisy. When Daisy comes back later, Kevin tries to break up with her, but she doesn’t take the hint and makes him promise to meet her for lunch tomorrow.

At Jimmi’s, Cherry begs Imogen to go to her exam, but Imogen insists her life’s over! After lying to Karen that everything’s fine, Cherry then calls Julia and says they’ll both be late as Imogen won’t get out of bed. Julia takes Imogen to her exam AND picks her up – but Imogen doubts it was worth her turning up.

Meanwhile, Elaine finds herself caught up in an abusive man’s mission to track down his ex wife.