Dallas spells trouble for Dex

Stu takes Xavier’s V8 for a joyride, much to Xavier and Sasha’s horror. When he eventually returns with the car, Sasha tries to calm him down but he insists she get in. He speeds off. As the car careers down a country road, Stu demands Sasha take him back. Fearing for both of their safety, she agrees to wear his ring again.

April decides to take her relationship with Dex to the next level and asks him to stay at hers after the school leavers’ party at the Surf Club. Over the moon, Dex gets ready for the big night… only to have his hopes dashed when April has to cancel to care for a sick Irene.

At the party, Xavier and Dex meet Dallas the ‘virgin slayer’, who takes an instant shine to Dex and throws herself at him. After a visit from Sid, Irene is given the all clear and April heads to the party just in time to catch Dex lip-locked with Dallas.

Romeo gets a spike in business when his surf school is inundated with doe-eyed girls on holiday, looking for ‘one-on-one’ lessons. Romeo is chuffed about the new success of his surf school, but Indi isn’t completely convinced by his game plan for their future.