Daz crosses the line in a major way when he tells his niece Amelia that her mum, Ali, has died. She’s devastated and runs into her dad Dan’s arms when he arrives home with Kerry. Dan reels at the news – and is fuming with his brother. Why did Daz take it upon himself to break such big news without waiting for Dan?

The Tracy saga, which ended with Charity threatening DI Bails to stay away, isn’t over. Charity is aghast when Bails, who raped her when she was a teenager, offers her a proposition…

Megan’s become something of a fascination for Graham who is becoming more and more attracted to the businesswoman. But that makes two of them because Frank is starting to realise he’s on to a good thing with Megan, and is determined to keep her happy. What’s Frank got in mind?

Second episode of the evening.