Libby struggles to deal with the fall-out of Sunny doing Kyle’s homework for him, seeking Karl and Susan’s advice on how to deal with the situation. Dan’s not answering his phone, choosing to be there for his brother in his time of need after Elle’s departure from his life. He’s worried Lucas will be tempted to gamble and tells him he won’t stop him, but he’ll be right by his side the whole time.

When Libby finally reaches Dan, she tells him about the problem with Sunny and that she had to make a decision to keep it a school matter and not tell the exchange program. Dan puts his foot down, and says he will have to reverse the issue, and maybe he’ll suspend Libby while he’s at it!

Knowing Sunny would be sent straight home if her parents find out about her cheating, she and Zeke are relieved when Libby decides to deal with it as a private, school matter. As they celebrate, Sunny finally declares her love for Zeke. But their happiness proves short-lived when Susan and Karl push Sunny to come clean to Mr and Mrs Lee about their relationship. Will Sunny’s parents end her time with Zeke once and for all?

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